High performance integral tools since 1966.
UOP, a history of innovation.

Standard Tools

Standard EndMills
End Mills

Solid Carbide and HSS cutters in the catalog

Standard Drills
Drills and Core Drills

Solid Carbide and HSS Drills or Core Drills in the catalog

Standard Reamers

Solid Carbide and HSS Reamers in the catalog

Special Tools

Special EndMills
End Mills

Solid Carbide and HSS cutters with any geometry and tolerance

Special Reamers
Drills, Core Drills and Reamers

Drills, Step Drills, Core Drills and Reamers with any geometry and tolerance, in Solid Carbide, HSS and Brazed Metal

Special Form EndMills
Form Tools

Form tools with any geometry and tolerance in Solid Carbide, HSS, Brazed Metal and EDM

Our Services


Like new! We restore the surfaces and geometries of tools, of any brand


Long live your tools! Traditional PVD and HDP coatings keep tools in great condition, longer

Regeneration (Coming Soon!)

A future to your past. Thanks to a process of the highest quality and precision, we regenerate used tools, faithfully replicating the original geometries. Your old tool with the performance of the new one

Our Fields of Application

Aerospace and Aeronautical Industry

Automotive Industry

Medical Industry

Power Generation Industry

Heavy Industry
Heavy Industry

General Mechanics Industry
General Mechanics Industry

Die and Moulds
Die and Moulds Industry

Valves, Oil, and Petrochemical Industry

Food and Beverages
Food and Beverages Industry

Italian Passion, Global Solutions

Italian Passion, Global Solutions