Environmental Sustainability

So as to look to the future responsibly, we put the environment and people at the center. UOP S.p.A., as well as the entire IMC Group, recognizes the responsibility that each of us is called upon to take to improve the quality of life for our generation and future generations. . Therefore, we continuously optimize the efficiency of our factories and reduce waste. We set ambitious goals that we intend to honor, together with our suppliers and partners, by implementing good practices. Nothing new. It has always been our philosophy: to design and develop ultra-high-performance tools that provide longer tool life. Less tools used in machining = less natural resources (raw material) and electricity used in their production.

New Headquarter in Berlingo (Brescia)

The new, modern, state-of-the-art headquarters in Berlingo (Brescia) have been designed to maximize the use of clean, renewable energy. The building boasts an 800kWp photovoltaic plant to generate electricity, and a dual water network to recycle rainwater. The materials chosen for the new plant, as well as the window and door frames, were rigorously selected from those with the best thermal insulation gradient and in the highest energy class, with a focus on the environment and sustainability. The new parking lots will be equipped with multiple charging stations for zero-emission vehicles..

Less Waste and more Regeneration

We actively work to reduce our environmental impact, internally and with our partners.

We optimize the necessary resources by reducing, reusing and recycling:
- We reduce the generation of waste by limiting the use of materials to what is strictly necessary.
- We reuse available resources whenever possible.
- We recycle and sort waste thoroughly.

UOP acts green! Our goal is to soon become a paperless company by digitizing paper documents. We have replaced single-use plastic packaging with 100% recycled or recyclable materials. We avoid plastic as much as possible, choosing products for personal use (e.g., cups, disposable cutlery, coffee stirrers) made from compostable materials. We use Full-Electric company vehicles for local travel.
we promote a new model of circular and efficient production through our programs. Our tool regrinding service allows used tools to be reground multiple times for reuse. The new and unique UOP Tool Regeneration program (Coming Soon!) completely regenerates tools by precisely replicating the geometries of the originals and minimizing both environmental as well as economical waste.


We put people and the environment at the center, that is, the territory and the community that hosts us. We are therefore proud to support nonprofit organizations and contribute to projects that aim to improve the lives of those most in need. We adhere to and concretely support the "Oltre i limiti" program, a solidarity network that helps deaf-blind and multi-sensory-impaired children leave social isolation. More information on the Lega del Filo d'Oro website.

Small, everyday gestures can make a big difference We are always looking for new ways to improve our practices and are committed to being transparent about our progress. We invite all our customers, suppliers, and employees to join us in this sustainability effort and do their part to create a greener and more sustainable future.

Italian Passion, Global Solutions

Italian Passion, Global Solutions